UPJET company became the event operator of the MICE Excellence Forum

"The event's efficacy and success depend on the professionalism of the team. The MICE Excellence team is still small, but one of the principles of successful project management is delegation and trust. UPJET has a great expertise in creating and implementing creative concepts, and in terms of the logistics component of events," says Tatiana Konakova, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of the MICE Excellence Forum.
"Firstly, UPJET are cool. Even before working with the company, I knew some of their employees, and the people are also cool. And the team forms the brand image. Secondly, when we said that people should leave the event happy, our colleagues understood at once what we mean. We were enamoured with the very first concept they proposed. And thirdly, UPJET are genuinely in love with MICE, just like us," adds Irina Mikhalkova, co-founder and Creative Director of the MICE Excellence Forum.
Over 10 years of work in the field of business and corporate events, UPJET has organized projects in 70 countries on 6 continents. 3 team building events organized by UPJET are included in the Guinness Book of Records. The team already has more than 100 people, and the demand for their services is growing. This is due not only to the regular flow of new customers, but also to the fact that 90% of customers return with new tasks. "We do events with meaning. There is always an idea behind the event" - this is how colleagues from UPJET describe their approach to work.
We are confident that the cooperation of the forum organizers with UPJET will benefit all event participants.