MICE Excellence is a new, but already a big name in the business and corporate events industry. On April 21, 2021, this brand has already hosted the first large-scale offline meeting of industry participants since the beginning of the pandemic – MICE Excellence Rehab, whose task was to cheer up suppliers and customers after a forced covid "hibernation". The idea was supported by 300 people, 89.7% of whom noted that they definitely became happier after rehab.
The MICE Excellence brand is a joint project of MICE Kitchen (a communication platform for MICE suppliers and buyers) and MICE Orchestra (consulting and marketing for business and corporate events).
Three main events are planned annually under the MICE Excellence brand: a spring festival, an autumn forum, and an award. Each event has its own tasks and its own mood, but the common goal is to support and develop those who work in MICE. It is an Open Private Club for the industry. Are you with us?
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